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Oscar offers a wide range of electronic products including black and white televisions, color televisions, VCDs, 5-in-1 advanced / portable multiplayer systems and DVDs. Oscar is also launching an entire range of attractive new products like, the AMPS 4000 system, the 2.1 Sub Woofer Systems, the 5.1 Home Theatre System, 21" Flat Color Television and the 29" Color Television.

For a product that was launched only about a year back, amid skepticism by many, OSCAR VCDs have today literally swept all opposition away with its remarkable performance in this segment. Today OSCAR is the number one brand in the VCD segment, having sold over 2 lakh VCDs in the last one year alone, with a sales target of 6 lacs this year, which puts it way ahead of competition. OSCAR's VCD range includes VCD Plus players, with MP3 and audio CD playing facilities and 5-in-1 VCD players, with cassette recorder, MP3 player, audio CD player and FM radio.

According to the last published figures in TV Veopar Journal (Feb 2002) OSCAR was at number one position, having sold 60,000 units in the second last quarter of 2001. Already, OSCAR had sold almost 1 Lac units in the first quarter of this year, setting it up for leadership position in this financial year. With the upcoming festive season OSCAR is confident of achieving sales of over 40,000 units a month, which would effectively put it way ahead of competition.

The market for VCD players in India has seen a quantum increase with 15 Lac units of VCD sales in 2001 and a projection of 50 Lac units for the year 2002, an increase that shows exponential growth fuelled by rising awareness, improved technology but above all, due to lower pricing. VCDs are expected to continue to grow in popularity since they are also now being preferred to the lower-end Audio Deck systems since they pack more features for a small price difference. More than 30-40% of the audio market has shifted to VCDs. Another reason for the popularity of VCDs is the easy availability of software (CDs) in rural and urban markets coupled with their low prices. This is in direct contrast to DVD players, for which the software is expensive and not easily available.

Traditionally VCDs were largely a grey market product and not credited with potential for volume sales. Roughly 75% of the VCD sales are still in the grey market. These products are cheap, but suffer, as they offer no warranty or replacement or service back up. OSCAR entered the VCD market in June 2001 and on the basis of its quality, pricing and warranty changed the face of this market forever.

OSCAR was the first company to aggressively target the VCD market. OSCAR was also the first company that took the bold move of branding its own VCDs, pricing it competitively and selling with warranty in this segment - a move that yielded immediate dividends proving that there is a huge market for the product at lower segments in the smaller markets, semi-urban and rural markets if the product maintains quality and offers customers total service support. OSCAR's policy of 'honest pricing', (Oscar VCD players are priced at Rs. 2,990 onwards), which is based on a no-frills approach, constant re-engineering and minimum margins, established it as the most reliable, value for money VCD in the market in a very short time. OSCAR VCDs have now gained immense popularity in the urban cities as well.

In the organized VCD player market, estimated at 12.5 lacs units per year, OSCAR has given a challenge to national brands, like BPL, Videocon, Phillips, Akai, Sansui and Onida. OSCAR VCD market share is 40% in the organized sector. OSCAR is today a clear-cut leader with leadership status in most of the states of presence.


Present in the Indian market for nearly two decades, OSCAR re-invented itself in the new millennium to launch a host of new technology products with a sharp focus on pricing - a policy that has paid rich dividends in the last two years.

Sales of 4000 Television sets per month in 1999 have climbed to over 25000 today. Distribution has spread to 22 states in the North, East and South of the country. In the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal and Himachal Pradesh, OSCAR has achieved leadership status in the TV segment and holds almost 30% market share in these areas. In VCDs, it has added on West Bengal in its leadership run.

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